If you obtain a virtual or a dedicated server, you can use it not only to host your own Internet sites, but, in addition to resell hosting plans to various other people. This will allow you to make good money, since the number of people who build their first site keeps increasing and the need for website hosting services is growing every single year. Other than the server itself, you will also need a merchant account with a payment processor, that will enable you to accept payments on the web, and a payment application in order to link the two of them. To use your own server means to have more control compared to the standard website hosting reseller programs. If, for example, a client has to run some script which needs a certain app to be present on the server, there will not be a trouble to set it up on a virtual or a dedicated machine, but it will be not possible to do that on a shared server where all reseller accounts are set up. With minimal effort and investment, you'll have the opportunity to start a successful hosting firm of your own and to become a part of the ever-growing hosting market.

Reselling Options in VPS Servers

We'll make it very easy for you to create a website hosting company in case you acquire one of our VPS servers packages. During the signup process, you will be able to choose the cPanel or the DirectAdmin hosting Control Panel and not only will you have full root access to the server with either of them, but you'll also be able to create hosting packages, due to the fact that they both have a reseller level as well. Also, with DirectAdmin it's also possible to have resellers of your own. Each and every VPS package ordered with cPanel contains two additional options which will help you start a reseller business free of charge. The first one is an eNom domain name reseller account, which excludes the deposit you will have to pay in case you decide to register with them directly, while the second is an authorized copy of ClientExec - a billing and support software app, which will make it really easy for you to generate plans, to bill the clients and to supply ticket support. Our VPS plans make it possible to launch your online business with minimal costs and they include all of the tools that you'll need for that.

Reselling Options in Dedicated Servers

The dedicated server plans that we offer will help you create your own website hosting company fast and easy. They provide sufficient processing power, physical memory and disk space to support a a large number of customers, whatever the type of Internet sites they run. You will also have root access to the server, so you will be able to add any server-side app. Our packages include three separate web hosting Control Panels and two of them - cPanel and DirectAdmin, are ideal for your new web hosting business, because they have two separate levels - client and reseller. When you buy the server with cPanel, we'll also supply you with a domain name reseller account along with a billing/support solution named ClientExec for free, therefore you will be totally independent and you will have full control over what is going on with the server and with your customers' sites. If you'd like to use an alternative approach, on the other hand, DirectAdmin will allow you to have resellers of your own who can do the job of finding the end customers, while they pay for the reseller plan.